Friday, 8 March 2013

Bach Flowers: Your Best Alternative to Address Trauma

Is Bach Flower therapy similar to Homeopathy?

Yes! But there are significant differences. Dr. Edward Bach, studied homeopathy before he discovered Bach Flower therapy. He discovered that the use of the principle of dilution to make their extracts, is one of the similarities of homeopathy and Bach Flower therapy. The method of dilution differs,  Homeopathy uses a stronger dilution than Bach Flower therapy.  But both alternative therapies complement each other as one treatment.

Bach Flower therapy concentrates on the emotional and mental well being of an individual. Believing that an individual’s health is affected by emotional imbalance. It uses all natural unharmed plants, flowers, shrubs and trees.  This therapy lets you eat and drink anything you want. Just anything! And this can also be given to babies and even expectant mothers, risk free. No overdose and completely no harm.

Do Bach Flower Remedies help address trauma?

In the belief that mental or emotional anguish results in disease or illness and the unparalleled energetic properties of a plant can be used to remedy an imbalance the restore the “wholeness” of one self. Dr. Bach made a combination of five flowers called Rescue Remedy to be used address trauma and more serious situations. A healthy mind is essential to have a healthy body.

Only naturally grown flowers in the wild are found to be the only ones suitable for the preparation. A precise procedure is done to achieve the liquid called the mother tincture, filtered and mixed with brandy, used as preservatives. The remedy is to be taken orally or can be applied directly to pulse points. Because it does not contain pharmacologically  relevant remnants of the flowers, they are considered safe to take with other combinations. It is so safe that even small babies and expectant mothers can take this. Dr. Bach has identified 12 "Healers" and 26 "Helpers" for a total of 38 remedies to choose from to address a particular characteristic or emotional state.

Bach Flowers Address Different Psychological Causes of Diseases

Bach’s 38 flower medicine addresses different psychological causes of diseases for all ages, depending on the degree of emotions of every individual patient. For most children, the most common disorder is the attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD). All other illnesses or disorders like anxiety, insufficient interest in present circumstances, loneliness, oversensitivity, despair and overcare for the welfare of others can be treated depending on the acute problem at hand. It is individually tailored and adjusted during the course of treatment.

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