Friday, 26 April 2013

Holistic Health Information: The Importance of Water


The importance of consuming water and hydrating our bodies is paramount for optimal health. Our bodies are composed of 90% water! The ideal amount of water that a body needs is 1 quart for every 50 lbs. of weight. I must stress that water is the only thing that hydrates the body, whether you are consuming filtered, spring, sparkling, mineral, purified, or distilled water. Everything else; tea (herbal or caffeinated), coffee, juice, soda, wine, beer, alcoholic beverages, milk, kefir, etc. take stored water form the body to be processed through by the body’s systems.

Hydration is tricky – many people have difficulty retaining and absorbing enough water. There are several ways you can increase your chances of absorbing and hydrating your cells and tissues. One method is to add a few drops of your favorite juice to the water you drink. This changes the molecular structure of the water, and allows your body to absorb more of it. Add only enough drops to barely color the water.

A very useful and well-formulated product, called Rehydration (made by Energetix) helps with hydration. This product is made from a variety of homeopathic substances that aid in the body’s ability to utilize and absorb water more efficiently and effectively.

There are also electrolyte formulas (found in fitness stores and bike shops) that, if added in small quantities to your drinking water, enhance absorption and hydration.

Water is vital for skin elasticity and reduction of dryness, elimination of wastes, absorption of nutrients, lymphatic drainage, delivery of all nutrients, and energy production at the cellular level. The body can survive without food for a period of weeks, but one cannot live without water for more than several days.

The earth mirrors the body’s need for water. Without fresh water, our Earth would be an arid, dead planet. The Earth has more water over its surface than land. Just like we must hydrate our bodies we must remember to conserve and protect our Earths most precious and vital resource WATER!

Please remember to drink plenty of water and hydrate your body after you receive chiropractic adjustments! Your body will stay more stable, and release toxins that chiropractic adjustments and massage mobilize. All of your nutritional supplements and homeopathic remedies will be more efficiently utilized and absorbed.

Author Bio:
Dr. Novick is a Chiropractor in Encinitas and also the leading expert on Gluten Free Living. Dr. Novick takes the time to create an individual treatment plan tailored to your specific health needs using holistic, natural therapies such as homeopathy, bach flowers, functional medicine or chiropractic care which nurture the body’s innate health system, and address the root cause of each person’s individual health issues.

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