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The Essence of Bach Flowers

Flowers are natures blessing to us. They brought not only beauty to the world but some classification of flowers bring healing benefits to people. Bach Flowers are one of them. They are utilized as a form of remedy for numerous ailments to both physical and emotional conditions. They are considered to function specifically by getting one’s ego and his inner self into harmony so that the conflict which unfortunately is responsible for the health issues is resolved. This brings about one being renewed to their original state of well-being.

The primary component at work in Bach flowers is the flower essence. They are one of the well-known highly effective classification under the flower essences therapy. The essence functions by correcting the imbalances when it comes to the emotional being of a person to bring a sense of complete wellness.

You can find more than twenty different Bach flower essences, often used per essence or as a combination of various flower essences. The choice of essence to use depends upon what you are currently undergoing in your life at present. Your life must be deliberated conscientiously by yourself to be able to choose which type of flower essence is suitable to your present condition.

The following Bach flower essences have the following healing benefits:

1. One can be healed from feelings of incompetence especially when up against a new project wherein the Larch essence can be helpful

2. If you are scared to try something new, one can use Mimulus.

3. Whenever overloaded by frequent worries, consider the Red Chestnut essence.

4. When sensing reluctance the Hornbeam works well to keep you motivated whereas Tansy is good for removing the terrifying feeling that accompanies challenging circumstances.

5. Cherry Plum is good for any person who is definitely trying to lose weight naturally.

6. People who tend to be full of unnecessary judgmental habit towards other people will notice Beech to be helpful or FES essence; Filaree if you are the type of person who enjoys picking on others!

Bach flowers can be prepared in two basic main steps: first, by means of boiling and second, by means of potentization. Those flower essences coming from trees are mostly applicable for the boiling method. The twig bearing flowers are boiled in the water for an hour and left it there to cool down. The twigs are then sifted out or removed from the water while keeping the water containing the juice of the twigs is then preserved in brandy.

In potentization, the flowers are picked during its blossoming stage. They are then placed in containers with distilled water for at least three hours. After three hours, you can now remove the flowers just like what you did with the twigs and the water mixture should be preserved also in brandy.

Generally, there is only one rule of thumb in preparing Bach flower mixtures. That is to fill in half of an empty dropper with filtered water or spring water. Then add two drops of essence or a couple of flower essences which you wish to use, plus a teaspoon of brandy. Apple cider vinegar is also a good substitute for brandy. The purpose of brandy or apple cider vinegar is to preserve the mixture and could last a period of time as recommended.

You can mix as much as 7 types of flower essences. However, even though there are no known side effects, it is still advisable to keep the combination at a maximum of 7 Bach flower varieties. You can take four or more drops a day. Most of the time, effects of Bach flowers are seen in two-week time when take regularly.

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Dr. Novick is the leading expert on Gluten Free Living. Dr. Novick takes the time to create an individual treatment plan tailored to your specific health needs using holistic, natural therapies such as homeopathy, bach flowers, functional medicine or chiropractic care which nurture the body’s innate health system, and address the root cause of each person’s individual health issues.

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