Thursday, 11 October 2012

Homeopathy for Brain Tumor Patients

As we hear a lot in television, radios, friends and even doctors that prevention is better than cure. However, not all is lucky enough to do that. There are others who find these ailments too late already. Having brain tumor isn’t easy at all…it’s painful and expensive, right?
According from the University of Medical Center Hamburg-Eppendorf, Germany that a substantial number of brain tumor seek alternative therapies like homeopathy alongside their conventional treatment regimen.
A considerable number of patients with brain tumors use alternative therapies, such as homeopathy, alongside their conventional treatments, researchers from the University Medical Center Hamburg-Eppendorf, Germany reveal in the medical journal Neurology. The researchers discovered that approximately 40% of patients with incurable grade II to IV gliomas were found to use alternative therapies.

The most common therapies included psychological therapy, homeopathy and 
vitamin supplements, the authors wrote.

Study author, neurosurgeon Oliver Heese, MD, said:
"The use of these alternative treatments may be largely overlooked and underestimated. Doctors need to be aware of patients' desire to seek alternative treatments and encourage an open discussion of options. Their guidance may be much appreciated, especially when some treatments are dubious, expensive or potentially harmful."
 The rise in demand for patients indulging in alternative remedy to the conventional way of treating oneself is not because of the latter’s inefficiency in treatment but people are just yearning to try anything under the sun that could help restore health.
The most common reason for opting for alternative therapies were:
·         As a complement for their conventional therapy
·         To build up body resistance
·         To do something for the treatment by themselves
Being afraid of conventional methods, or saying it was because the doctor did not have enough time were the least commonly chosen responses.

The alternative therapies included:
·         39% - homeopathy
·         31% - vitamin supplements
·         29% - a wide range of psychological methods”
Although not all are yet into alternative medicine or homeopathy to be specific…I believe that trying it will bring no harm to anyone since its approach is all natural.  You can always stop the treatment if it doesn’t seem to help you.

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Dr. Novick is the leading expert on Gluten Free Living. Dr. Novick takes the time to create an individual treatment plan tailored to your specific health needs using holistic, natural therapies such as homeopathy, bach flowers, functional medicine or chiropractic care which nurture the body’s innate health system, and address the root cause of each person’s individual health issues.

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