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Power Foods for New Moms

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The best thing new moms can do for themselves and their baby is to eat a healthy diet. Although some of you may already be in a hurry to lose those extra pounds, for new moms, eating foods that boost your energy, such as protein and healthy fats,  at regular intervals throughout the day, will allow you to have the stamina that you need in order to meet the demands of  being a mother. This is due to the fact that eating foods rich in nutrients during regular intervals in a day will keep your metabolism high and give you  the energy you need to keep up in your new role. Below is a list of nutritious foods that will help your body and keep the baby happy and healthy.


Although there is no such thing as food that is perfect, salmon comes really close when it comes to the nutrition needs for new moms. Just like any other fatty fish out there, salmon is packed with a type of fat known as DHA. This nutrient is important in developing the nervous system of the baby. And even though all breast milk has DHA, new moms that have more DHA in their diets will provide higher levels of this nutrient for their babies and their own brain..

Lean Beef

For new moms who are looking for foods that will improve their energy levels, foods that are rich in iron should be taken such as lean beef. A newly post pregnant mom that is lacking in iron can feel drained of their energy,  and this makes it hard to undertake the demands needed in taking care of a newborn baby. Iron is crucial for red blood cells to deliver oxygen to your brain and body.


Great breastfeeding food such as beans, most especially dark colored ones such as kidney beans are ideal for new moms. This is especially good for vegetarians as these are rich in iron,protein, and fiber as well as being affordable.


Moms who are breastfeeding should secure at least two or more servings of fruits on a daily basis. Blueberries, which are rich in antioxidants, are an ideal selection. These berries are packed with vitamins and minerals that will give you a healthy dose of complex carbohydrates to keep energy levels up and a sharp mind.

Brown Rice

Cutting back on carbohydrate consumption may be needed if you are planning to lose weight after pregnancy. Yet losing weight very fast may cause your body to produce less milk for the baby. That is why incorporating healthy and whole grain carbohydrates,  such as brown rice, in your diet is a good way to keep your energy levels high. Brown rice also provides your body with the calories that you need in order to produce the best quality milk for your baby.

Healthy Fats

Avocadoes, Coconut Oil, Olive OIl, and Grapeseed oils are very helpful in providing the essential fats your body and brain need to maintain healthy brain function, beautiful skin, reduce pain, and improve immune function.  All of these are important in resotring optimal weight and health post pregnancy. Include them in your cooking every day and both you and your baby will be much happier and healthier.

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