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Holistic Health Information Optimal Nutrition for Healthy Living

As we begin a new and exciting year in the history of humanity 2012, after gratefully receiving answers to my brief survey last month, I am inspired to answer your questions about the most effective, and nutritious way to positively affect your health and ensure that you understand what to put into your body to provide you with the best support for well being and prevention of disease.

You asked:

How does one achieve optimum health?

An enormous part of achieving optimal health is dependent on the quality and choices we make in the food we consume. The body responds best to varied whole foods.

The best approach is to include a wide variety of;


•Raw nuts & seeds
•Legumes (beans)

Lean hormone and antibiotic free;

•Fresh caught fish

•Water- Optimal consumption of one quart per 50 lbs of weight daily.

Considering someone’s health issues & dietary restrictions, which is the best way to eat?

It does not matter what health issues you may have, general rules apply to all conditions. Consumption of fresh, clean, varied, whole foods will guarantee to improve and support every system in your body and allow for better function.

Most restrictive diets all include a variety of whole foods. No matter what the restriction there are always fruit, vegetable and protein choices.

Consuming a balance of protein, carbohydrate, and healthy fat (Approximately 40%, 30%. 30%) every 2-4 hours a day delivers the necessary fuel and nutrition for the mind & body to function optimally.

What is the best formula for prevention?

The best formula for prevention of disease starts first and foremost with conscious healthy choices when it comes to the food you choose to ingest.

The simpler, cleaner, and closer to nature the food is, the more likely the chances are that it will be highly nutritious and provide your body with the necessary ingredients for optimal health and wellness.

Food in its natural unadulterated form is one of the most powerful things you can use to achieve optimal health.

So many options: what is the best diet for health?

The best dietary approach to take when deciding what will yield optimal health, is to evaluate whether it includes:

•A wide variety of fresh whole foods

•Frequent healthy meal options that preserve your blood sugar stability (Following the 40/30/30 plan)

•Physical activity along with a diet plan

•Avoidance of inflammatory foods; gluten, dairy, sugar, coffee, & alcohol.

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