Monday, 1 July 2013

Holistic Health Information Electromagnetic Pollution

I am inspired to address a subject that I am learning more and more about as technology bombards us globally and personally. Electromagnetic pollution is getting worse by the second. The sources are numerous, and multi-factorial. There is the cell phone that we use constantly, and place next to our brain; blue tooth wireless that injects this lethal radiation directly into the brain; computer screens and hard drives that we sit at for hours daily; giant electrical towers; our televisions which are getting larger every day; compact light bulbs; every appliance we plug into the wall; the portable phone; the microwave and convection oven; radio waves; microwaves; etc.

Our bodies get bombarded by radiation on an ongoing basis. There is now proof in the research literature that this electromagnetic pollution, especially cell phones, and blue tooth devices cause brain cancer.

This electromagnetic pollution is also short-circuiting our nervous system, and disrupting our ability to think clearly and function. For those of you that use muscle testing, this is guaranteed to cause you to get crossed or switched instantly. Holding a cell phone that is turned on causes weakness to the entire body.

So, what can we do to neutralize or minimize these effects?

To begin with, make sure you use a headset that allows you to keep the cell phone as far away from your brain as possible. Whenever possible, place the phone down next to you, instead of holding it in your hand or on your body. In addition, keep as many things as possible unplugged from the outlet until you need them. This also saves you on energy usage, and you contribute to the reduction green house gases. Do not stand next to the microwave or convection while you are using it.

I have recently learned of technology that comes from Germany that cannot only neutralizes the effect of electromagnetic pollution for hours, but also restores the electromagnetism of your cells to the frequency of the Earth. Normal cellular energy ensures healthy, vibrant, and vital cells. This technology is now available in the form of a mat that you lay on for 8-16 minutes, called the MRS2000+. I will now have it available in my practice as an adjunct treatment to all of my sessions.

“Magnetic field therapy is one of the world’s oldest forms of healing. It was the center of the medical philosophy and practice of the Ancient Greeks, Egyptians and South American Indians. The medieval Swiss alchemist, physician, and astronomer, Paracelsus, documented the efficacy of magnetic fields in the 1500’s. In the 20th century, the first clinical studies took place in Russia and Japan, and were followed by groundbreaking work from Germany’s Professor Lechner and Professor Ascherl.

The latest insights gathered through scientific and medical research show that not every type of magnetic field is effective in treating living organisms. It is now known that pulsating oscillations, equal to the vibrations of the Earth’s own magnetic field, can work on every cell of our body, as long as they have the correct intensity, information content, and resonance characteristics. How? Through the ion exchange of our current-conducting cell membranes.

With the aid of a correctly-regulated pulsating electromagnetic field, our own body’s energy fields are reinforced. Our metabolism is improved, and the energy of each individual cell increases. This is why we call it “magnetic-resonance-stimulation” (MRS).

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