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Holistic Health Information A Holistic Approach to Heart Health

February is heart health month, and a month that we focus on love, because of Valentine’s Day. But, it’s also a good time to love yourself, and your let your heart chakra (energy center for the heart) be expanded by giving to yourself, and healing the heart physically and emotionally.

Heart disease is the number one killer in our society, yet, many of its causes are preventable.

High cholesterol is one of the primary epidemics in this country. We see commercials for drugs that are given to those that suffer from this condition bombarding the media daily. The propaganda that a high fat diet is the primary cause of cholesterol issues is simply not true. Cholesterol is a molecule that the liver produces to make our sex hormones and other hormonal products in the body. It also is manufactured to plug up inflammatory damage to the arteries – it is the way the body fills in the holes caused by inflammation in our vascular system and heart.

The cholesterol drugs just stop the liver from releasing the cholesterol it produces, eventually causing a fatty liver. That is why patients are told to have liver tests every 90 days, in order to monitor the health of their liver, when taking these drugs. Reducing inflammation in the body is primary in preventing many diseases, and eliminating or reducing high cholesterol production.

There are many nutritional nutrients and herbs that control and reduce inflammation, and keep our circulatory system healthy and free of damage. A great formula I use and prescribe in my practice is Cholestar. In addition, reducing or eliminating the intake of inflammatory foods (coffee, alcohol, sugar, trans fats, preservatives, & gluten) is a must in achieving a healthy heart.

Homocysteine is another harmful molecule that causes damage to the circulatory system, by injuring the lining of the arteries, and causing the body to create clots that lead to strokes. This molecule is produced because of exposure to pollution, food preservatives, toxins in the environment, and free radicals. There are also nutrients that neutralize this chemical, and keep our circulatory system functional and healthy. One nutrient formula I prescribe for this is called Methyl SP. This formula assists the liver in functioning optimally to neutralize homocysteine.

Reducing stress is also another necessity in maintaining heart health. The higher the stress, the more likely it is that inflammation and free radical damage will double or triple its detrimental effects on the heart and circulatory system. Massage, yoga, meditation, hot baths, the daily restorative pose, and exercise are some of the ways that we can contribute and implement preventative measures.

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