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What happens when your immune system forgets that you are you?

This month I am face to face with the astounding fact that 53,000,000 people are affected by autoimmune conditions in the United States alone!

One of the leading 10 causes of death in the US!

1:7 Men & 1:5 Women are affected!

Autoimmunity erodes quality of life for decades. People suffer greatly and die slowly and painfully from the effects.

Early detection is key, antibodies appear much earlier than the onset of autoimmunity.

Environmental factors are the initiators of antibody production and eventual autoimmunity. The three main contributors are:

2.Exposure to Toxic Chemicals- Breathing them in, or placing them on our skin in the form of cosmetics and soaps.
3.Proteins we ingest such as gluten, dairy, soy, and eggs. GMO foods are introducing new proteins that stimulate the production of new antibodies.

Through the use of a Multiple Autoimmune Reactivity Screen (antibody blood test) one can detect and prevent autoimmunity and implement therapeutic measures to restore balance and reverse antibody production.

White blood cells develop and mature in your bone marrow and then migrate to the Thymus gland where any antibody toward self is neutralized by a special molecule that destroys these antibodies. Aging declines the effectiveness of this mechanism.

A second layer of protection exists in the blood where certain white blood cells called regulatory T cells will destroy self-antibodies as well.
When these systems fail due to the onslaught of the environmental factors autoimmunity develops.

Prevention of Autoimmune Disease

1.Define the genetic make up of the person- Screen for genes.

2. Identify the environmental triggers- Assess for infections, exposure to toxins, and dietary protein consumption.

3.Identify the antibody production- Prescribe a Multiple Autoimmune Reactivity Screen (50% off for the next 90 days with Cyrex Labs). Run a baseline and then re-test in six months to assess interventions. Identifying the development of antibodies enables a practitioner to diagnose before symptoms begin and predict organ involvement and disease flares. As well as make clinically meaningful decisions to predict response to therapies and explain organ tissue damage.

4.Develop preventative interventions. To include lifestyle, dietary modifications, and therapeutic supplementation.

The research literature is confirming that the consumption of milk leads to autoimmunity of the pancreas and specifically the cells that produce insulin, which results in Type I diabetes.

There is also evidence that the body seems to be attacking our enzymes more preferentially. Some examples of this are:

Antibodies to the cells of the stomach lining leading to gastritis, pernicious anemia, and ulcers.

Development of insulin antibodies leads to chronic and unresolved hypoglycemia.

Antibodies to Intrinsic Factor leading to vasculitis, Cohn’s disease, and Ulcerative Colitis.

Antibodies to Myelin leading to the development of Autism triggered by exposure to heavy metals, molds, and other environmental toxins.

There is also evidence that 25% of the population will develop Multiple Auto immune Syndrome.

Take control of your health and come in to assess your risk of developing autoimmune disease today!

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