Friday, 10 May 2013

Holistic Health Information Emotional Healing with Flower Remedies

I am focusing on the use of Flower Remedies to open our hearts and stay emotionally balanced in these stressful times. When we tend to let our FEAR- False Evidence Appearing Real- envelope our consciousness and drive our lives.

Learn to use these individual and combination formulas to keep you moving forward and create balance in our lives. These remedies have no negative side effects or addictive properties. Their effects on the psyche are profound – I have seen deep depression lift instantly, a crying child cease crying as soon as the drops are in their mouth.

The effects of these remedies are subtle, yet powerful, at transforming your state of mind, and, thereby, transforming your mental and physiological states.

I have been working with these remedies for 13 years – they have become an integral part of my practice. Without them I would feel I have missed a huge component of the person’s chance of wellness.

Contact me to learn how flower remedies can help you.

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