Monday, 6 May 2013

Holistic Health Information Supporting your Liver to Offset the Effects of Chemicals


Everything that is made of plastic is manufactured from the waste products of the oil industry. The plastic that is used to make water bottles is the cheapest and most unstable of all of them. Water is a natural solvent, and pulls everything into it. Because plastic bottles are made from a material that releases estrogen-like substances called xenoestrogens into the water that they hold, we are all being exposed and affected by these toxic elements in our bodies.

Normally, there should be a balanced ratio of estrogen to progesterone in the body of a woman. Unfortunately, there is a predominance of estrogen dominance in most women, because of the additional exposure to these xenoestrogens coming from water bottles, pesticides in our environment, smog, paints, carpeting, nail polish, and the increase in use of birth control pills, and hormone replacement therapies from synthetic man-made sources.

This leads to a very serious disruption in hormone balance that leads to erratic menstrual cycles, infertility, PMS, and a much higher incidence in cancers of the breast and ovaries. In order to prevent and protect our health and hormonal balance, it is important to:

1. Use glass or stainless steel containers to drink out of for our water.

2. Make sure that estrogen and progesterone are in proper physiologically safe ratio.

3. Ingest healthy whole foods

4. Avoid the use of synthetic hormones, and long term use of birth control pills.

Supporting our liver, the single most vital organ in charge of detoxifying and processing female hormones, is extremely important. This can be done by consuming herbs and B vitamins that assist our liver in its daily task of detoxification, and filtration of our blood. In order to avoid infertility and hormonal imbalances these steps are vital.

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