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Holistic Health Information Environmental Toxicity

In this industrialized world that we live in we are constantly exposed to a multitude of toxic substances. The U.S. government has la list of the top 10 hazardous substances;

1. Arsenic
2. Mercury
3.Vinyl Chloride
4. Polychllorinated Biphenylls
5. Benzene
6. Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons
7. Cadmium
8. Benzopyrene
9. Fluoranthene
10. Benzofluoranthene

Would you consider testing your body for these top 10 hazardous substances?

Even if you did decide to find out what the levels are, you will definitely continue to be exposed.

The question is whether there is an environmental risk to your health, and if so, who will be affected.
Ultimately we will all be exposed to mercury and all of the ten top toxic substances, there is no escape. The legal system is ineffective in identifying or preventing the sub clinical developmental toxic effects. In this country the majority of substances enter the commercial market without any legally required testing. Once substances are suspected of being harmful, the regulatory agency has to prove the risks or harmful effects and their causes, this has become increasingly difficult to prove.

Therefore, the concern is not if you will be exposed but rather how will you respond to the exposure. The research literature is finding that our response is not dependent on the quantity of dose or exposure for a reaction to occur. The reaction will be based on your immune/chemical tolerance. What this means is that depending on the health and integrity of your immune system and the body’s barriers (your gut, your blood/brain barrier, your lungs) will determine whether these substances will create symptoms and deteriorate your health. The health of these barriers and ultimately the integrity of your immune system can be deteriorated by several factors;

a. Chronic Stress
b. Intestinal Permeability (Leaky Gut Syndrome)
c. Infections
d. Chronic Inflammation
e. Poor Sleep
f. Malnutrition

One or more of these factors can lead to a loss of chemical tolerance which leads to the loss of immune tolerance which will express itself as the development of auto-immune disease.

In today’s world we are seeing a unique pattern of illness that involves chemically exposed groups of people in more than a dozen countries, who report multi-system symptoms and develop new chemical, food, and drug intolerances. These groups of people share very little in common except for an initial chemical exposure now known as “Toxicant-Induced Loss of Tolerance”(TILT). TILT has the potential of explaining certain cases of asthma, migraine headaches, and depression, as well as chronic fatigue syndrome, fibromyalgia, and “Gulf War Syndrome”. This response evolves in two stages:

a.Onset of symptoms due to a profound breakdown in prior, natural tolerance.
b.Triggering of immune response by small quantities of previously tolerated chemicals (gasoline, fragrances, exhaust), foods, drugs, and food/drug combinations.

Will everyone have the same response to environmental exposure?

The answer is a definitely NO!

Exposure is NOT the ONLY issue; one has to consider the individual’s immune-chemical tolerance.

Currently alternative medicine is following an antiquated model for dealing with this crucial and ever growing toxic load.

1st Order heavy metal or environmental testing.

2nd Use chelating agents (DMSA, DMPS, EDTA) to clear the person with aggressive detoxification programs.

3rd Blame adverse reactions on the detoxification process and ignore the immune tolerance.

These are not only ineffective but also dangerous to an already immune compromised person. Current research shows that chelating treatments only lead to redistribution of metals to the brain and liver. Causing toxic effects to these organs. Chelation also leads to interference with the metabolism of essential minerals.

In cases where people are being exposed to chemicals and heavy metals for long periods of time, the integrity of the immune-chemical tolerance must be taken into account first and foremost.

Metal toxicity leads to loss of immune tolerance, which produces chemicals that cause oxidative stress; this is thought to be one of the main contributing factors. Use of antioxidants is vital to restore immune regulation.

Glutathione is one of the most powerful and important anti-oxidants the body makes to protect your cells intra-cellularly and in the blood stream. Glutathione gets depleted with exposure to toxins.
Glutathione has the following protective effects;

a.Immune Modulator
c.Required for Liver Detoxification
d.Protects the mitochondria in each cell

The body’s ability to have glutathione available in its usable form at all times is necessary to reduce symptoms of toxic exposure and ensure that we maintain our immune-chemical tolerance or are able to restore it when lost. I strongly recommend the use of a product called Glutathione Recycler, which provides all the necessary compounds to optimize glutathione availability.

What can we do to reduce the chances of becoming ill from the exposure to toxic substances?

1.Reduce your exposure wherever possible.
2.Take Glutathione Recycler
3.Heal any leaky gut, lung barrier, or blood/brain barrier issues.
4.Counter chronic exposure to stress
5.Get proper sleep
6.Take Vit D3
7.Take Nitric Balance to increase concentration of Nitric Oxide
8.Maintain blood sugar balanced

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