Wednesday, 8 May 2013

Holistic Health Information Summer Health and Fitness

As summer approaches we tend to want to commit to more fitness activities to get ready to look good in summer clothing.

I suggest that the best way to achieve your fitness goals, is to first assess your current state of fitness: are you currently sedentary or doing some kind of regular exercise, once or more than once a week?

Then, gradually increase the number of minutes and intensity of the exercise, as you achieve your fitness goals.

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The second thing that you must keep in mind is, that you must burn more than you eat! Eat regularly, do not let your blood sugar drop or rise. This causes stressors to your hormonal system, and deprive the brain from sugar, which is the only thing the brain can use for energy. Once the brain runs out of sugar, it starts destroying its own tissue to liberate sugar. Brain damage is not a good trade off for starvation! Take care of the brain, reduce and avoid as many stressors as possible, and your fitness and health goals will be met. Avoid refined sugars, caffeine, processed, deep fried foods, and alcohol.

Some suggestions for other stress reducing activities are: meditation, prayer, watching a sunset, and everyone would be well served in doing the Restorative Pose to counter stress in life.

The Restorative Pose is: Lay on the floor with calves on a chair, sofa, bed, etc., as long as your legs are at 90 degrees from your torso and your arms are next to your torso extended along your sides. On the ceiling above you, place a photo or picture of a nature scene or resort where you wish you were, and imagine yourself there having the time of your life very relaxed and serene, for 15 minutes every day, do not allow any other thoughts to enter your mind, if they do, go back to the image and the relaxed serene feelings.

Get a massage or a chiropractic adjustment to reduce your stress – once a month is the minimum. Your skeleton and muscle system need tune ups because of the repetitive motion stressors of our sedentary stressful lifestyle!

Sleep at least 7-8 hours a night; this is vital for repair and regeneration to occur in every part of the body including recovery from physical activity.
I believe that if you combine all of this, you will achieve your fitness and health goals for the summer and beyond!

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