Friday, 3 May 2013

Holistic Health Information Healing “Leaky Gut” Syndrome

I am inspired to share with you the importance of healing the intestinal tract, and eradicating the “Leaky Gut Syndrome” that plagues so many of us. The intestinal tract is, after all, the mother of the body. Its function is to break down all the nutrients we ingest, so they can be absorbed through the intestinal wall. These vital nutrients are then delivered to every cell in our body, via the blood stream. Without an intact and healthy intestinal wall, this process is not possible.

Ingesting inflammatory foods such as gluten, casein (a milk protein), sugars, allergens, preservatives, additives and alcohol, just to mention several, leads to chronic inflammation and irritation of the lining, subsequently leading to a wearing away, until small holes are formed. These holes then allow large molecules of food, which are not normally able to pass through, into our blood stream, to initiate an activation of our immune cells and the production of allergic and antibody proteins. This leads to severe food sensitivities, and/or protein intolerances.

In the spirit of renewal, I am embarking on a healing journey of my intestinal tract and will be starting a 45-60 day “Leaky Gut” repair program as of 1/03/2010. This program entails a restrictive diet, which eliminates all allergenic and inflammatory foods, and ingestion of healing/repair nutrients for two weeks.

The next 21-day stage includes a medical food that helps to detoxify the liver, and continues to heal the intestinal tract, as well as a combination of potent herbal supplements that kill any yeast, parasites, or bacterial overgrowth that may have developed, due to the inflamed and compromised intestinal tract.

The third and last stage of 30 days includes taking an effective pro-biotic supplement to re-establish the healthy flora necessary for optimal intestinal health. Each stage allows you to gradually and systematically increase the variety of foods you will be able to ingest..

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